About us


This blog is about our journey, the aim of which is home. Such in the physical and spiritual sense. We hope for a longer and pleasant your stop at the Przystanek Miłosna station and ours and your respite here.

The idea that mobilized us to work on this service was to create space on the web (and maybe outside of it?), A place similar to the one we want to create in our home. Warm, family, cheerful, creative and inspiring. We like to invite guests so we invite you to our world.

If we were to introduce ourselves, here and now, in a soldier’s glance, we would say – We are a young married couple (not to be confused with young people: P), which quite recently started life together. We have a long-awaited, small, beautiful daughter. A similar sensitivity and love for beautiful things with a soul has pushed us to one of the most important decisions in life. The decision to buy a home.

For us, this is not an ordinary home. This is the home of our dreams. A house with character, and finally a house in which you can feel the artistic aura of the previous [still present] owners, who deserves respect for his traditions, love and care. Will we cope? Yes, we hope so. Will he be able to repay us? We’ll do whatever we can.

For us, the present time is particularly important, because after years of wandering in search of happiness and love, we have finally found each other. It lasted a bit, because we do not have 20 years, but we are filled with joy, enthusiasm and ready for hard work.

We hope that Przystanek Miłosna will be a pleasant meeting point for everyone here. As the hosts of this place, we assure you that we will do everything to make it happen.